Claims Management

Claims are unfortunate but they do occur and so we are always prepared for them.

In the event of a claim, YI Partner is here to work with you and your insurers to resolve quickly and in your favour to avoid unnecessary costs.

With this in mind, when negotiating insurance placements we only use insurers that we trust and are genuinely interested in covering your risk from the outset - this ultimately assists during the claim process.

From day one YI Partner is your first point of contact available 24 hours and will work with you until a desired settlement is reached.

 We can provide the following services as required:

  • providing claim forms and notifying your insurers;

  • appointing losses assessors or external consultants;

  • assisting with the collection of information;

  • negotiating policy interpretation with insurers;

  • providing continual advice and progress updates;

  • reporting as necessary; and

  • settlement advice.

YI Partner recognises our service is linked to the claims response and know this is what we are ultimately judged on.

Most importantly, we treat every claim as though it is our own!

After Hours

If the matter is urgent, please contact Andrew Campbell on 0411 157 369


YI Partner’s consulting service brings together our experience and understanding that businesses may have preferred broker relationships, however, insurance can be an overwhelming, overlooked and sometimes misunderstood part of a business - this ultimately can be costly.

Whilst all insurance premiums are an important cost, if you are paying insurance premiums over six figures then this is an extraordinary cost for any business.

YI Partner specialises in consulting services for the construction and construction related businesses and provide suggestions, not criticisms for your insurance program.

Understanding that many businesses have solid relationships with their brokers, it is not YI Partner’s role to disrupt this. Confidentially, we can assist by either providing a high level second (and unbiased) set of eyes across your insurance program or provide a more hands on approach in conjunction with your team around the following areas:

  • training;

  • processes;

  • tenders;

  • collection of renewal information;

  • review of renewal information ensuring correct information is being provided;

  • review of renewal reports;

  • advice on insurer selection; and

  • uninsured risks and existing coverage.

The above is an example of services we can provide, however, as no two businesses are the same we can work with you around your requirements.

Please contact us for further information about how we can assist your business.